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Rescue equipment solutions for every application

For over half a century, Holmatro has been developing the most innovative and powerful hydraulic equipment for rescuers worldwide. Here at ShadowHawk we are proud to offer the complete collection of rescue equipment from Holmatro. From cutters to lifting bags and everything in between, Holmatro has an innovative and user friendly tool to suit your rescue needs and requirements.

battery powered solutions

Holmatro's Greenline EVO 3 battery powered tools feature the same working pressures, same force outputs, and same dead man style operating handle as the CORE TECHNOLOGY counter parts. The difference is in the battery powered pump that is incorporated into the tool, which allows for cord / hose free operation.


A revolutionary turning point in rescue tool technology making your procedures safer, quicker and easier. CORE or COaxial Rescue Equipment Technology refers to the way hydraulic oil is directed from the pump to the tool and vice versa. A traditional dual hose (twin line) system consists of separate pressure and return hoses connecting pump and rescue tool. A CORE system consists of only one hose: a high pressure inner hose surrounded and protected by a low pressure outer hose. What makes this coaxial hose design possible is Holmatro's patented CORE coupler. This coupler has a built-in, automatic return valve that eliminates the need for a dump valve on the pump.

Switch tools any time: Simply connect the hose and you're ready to go!

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lifting and stabilization solutions 

Holmatro offers a variety of different products to outfit your lifting and stabilization arsenal. From the self contained, quick setup V-STRUT units, to lifting bags, jacks, and durable cribbing. 

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