A different approach to fire fighting

what is it?

compressed air meets water

In short, IFEX is a fire fighting gun system that utilizes compressed air, which atomizes water droplets and fires a mist of water towards the fire,
greatly increasing the surface area and usable volume.

1 Liter becomes 80 liters

water and personnel shortages addressed

Due to it's water saving nature, ease of use, and effectiveness we believe that the IFEX systems will give remedy to problems arising in the fire fighting industry such as water shortage and personnel shortage. 

By typically utilizing a backpack system, IFEX is extremely portable. And with 13L of liquid water on your back, you effectively have roughly 1000L of atomized water at your disposal through multiple shots of the gun. Perfect for initial attack, and very possible all you will need to fully extinguish a fire.


Impulse fire fighting Guns

Featuring multiple gun models to cover a wide array of different applications. Compressed foam specific, higher and lower volumes, and different recoil options are available 

water and air supply options

Backpacks, quad mounts, trolleys, skid units, and more! Whether you're looking more for portability or water capacity, there's a solution available to suit your usage needs.

The bigger picture

With the Dual-Intruder carriage, the combined power of the two coupled 25L water cannons can be added to any flatbed truck in a short amount time. The water tank with 1,000L capacity delivers the extinguishing agent for the impulse shots; the compressed air supply occurs via compressed air cylinders or compressors. A new way to think of a rapid attack unit. 

dual-intruder carriage

used globally

for 25 years

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